Meanwood Community Page

Welcome to our Meanwood community page. Whilst we are closed during the pandemic, we will use our website and social media channels to provide entertainment and useful information to help our local community during lockdown. A crown funder has been set up to raise funds to help the Myrtle survive until we are able to open our doors again and welcome you back. Please get in touch if there is any other information you would like us to feature on our website to help our community

Facebook Live Quiz Nights

Quiz nights are back! To keep you entertained during lockdown 3, we are bringing back out Monday nights and Thursday night quizzes on Facebook.

The new dates have been added to the event page, so you can register your interest to set reminders by clicking the blue button below.

The Monday quiz will be the more difficult and challenging quiz to rack your brains.

Thursday’s quiz will be a fun music quiz you can play on your own or with the whole family

Set Facebook Reminder Here

Kids Entertainment & Useful Links

We have built a whole page dedicated to keeping your little ones entertained during lockdown, it features useful links for education help and story time with Shellagh, Shellagh a treasured member of the Myrtle family.

We will continue to add fun quizzes and things to do throughout lockdown, so make sure you check back regularly for updated content.


The Myrtle Befriending Service

A pub is more to some people than just somewhere to eat or drink, to some it’s a weekly social activity or the chance to escape day to day life. We have a number customers that we and our staff talk to on a weekly basis.

Whilst we are closed we will offer a befriending service for any older customers who are lonely, isolated or just want to chat with a member of our barstaff, this won’t just apply to our older customers, if any of our customers are suffering with loneliness at any age we can call you.

We will call you twice a week for a chat if you like and you aren’t putting us out, most people work from home but we are out of work temporarily and this is our way to help combat loneliness and mental health.

To receive a call, please fill in the contact form

Your name / relatives name (please get their permission)

The day they / you normally visit (so we can make sure you are talking to a member of staff who they / you would normally have a chat with)

Telephone number

Please note as we are not councillors this service is for Myrtle customers only


    Meanwood Valley Trail

    Meanwood Valley Trail

    We may only get one walk a day, but how fortunate are we in Meanwood, to be so close to the hollies and sections of the Meanwood Valley Trail

    MVT Map

    Meanwood Valley Trail Photo Gallery

    We would love to see your photos of the Meanwood Valley Trail and if we get enough, we will create a web gallery for everyone to enjoy. Please upload individual photos using the upload button below or send them to our Facebook page to feature in our community gallery.

      Send Photos Via Messenger Here

      NHS Volunteer Responders

      In addition to our own befriending service, the NHS have launched their volunteer responder programme.

      If you, or someone you know, needs a hand with collecting shopping or prescriptions, or just wants someone to talk to, the NHS Volunteer Responders are here to help

      Join the thousands of others throughout England who are already receiving support – even if it’s just for a friendly chat.

      Call 0808 196 3646 or visit

      Help is available if you have a medical condition which makes you vulnerable to COVID-19, especially if you are over 70. You also qualify if you are pregnant or have a disability.

      The Myrtle Crowdfunding Scheme

      We have launched our own crowd funder today in the hope we can raise enough funds (£9000) in order to survive until April. January & February are tough months as it is but we will do everything we can to entertain you with our Facebook live quizzes and game show, using our social media to spread some positivity.

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