On 21st March 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic forced us to close, during that year our customers and community crowdfunded and ensured our survival.
We hosted live quizzes, helped the community by dropping of parcels and delivered Sunday lunches to our customers doorsteps.
Since then our family of staff has grown to over 30 members, all of whom are special to us and help make The Myrtle what it is today and we acheived Number 1 Trip Advisor status in Leeds.
Our Tanqueray secret garden marquee was originally designed by Peter Madden of Rim Scaffolding and dressed by Rob and this year the marquess popularity has contributed to us staying in business.
Were super excited for our Pimms summer garden later in the year too


The Beckett family had a great influence on Meanwood, particularly around Tannery Square. When the industry of Meanwood had begun to falter in the mid 19th century, it was the Beckett family that provided the money to shape Meanwood by way of public buildings. Christopher Beckett was responsible for the construction of Meanwood Institute (1840) and Meanwood school (1840). The quality of these structures helped shape the “Meanwoodside” area, which led to the designation of the Tannery Square conservation area in 1972. Other building developments in the area were usually the result of industry, such as around Parkside Road, and at Hustler’s Row. As the 20th century developed, the centre of Meanwood moved away from the industrial areas around the quarries and the beck. The detrimental effect of this can be seen at Myrtle Square. An area which once contained 20 cottages, as well as wash rooms, coal houses and a butcher’s, was reduced to the single structure of the Myrtle Tavern by 1959.

A lot has changed since then, however we still retain our country traditional charm, in the early 2000’s the pub suffered from neglect and its future was in jeopardy. Since 2011 Scott & his team of staff helped to put the pub back at the heart of the community.

In 2016 Scott acquired the pub for himself and all monies made have been invested back into the pub.

In February 2017 the pub closed for 1 week whilst £92,000 was spent on lovingly restoring and refurbishing it to make The Myrtle Tavern what it is today, with the addition later in the year of our children play area

2018 was a brilliant year for The Myrtle, with the best Summer the UK has had in years, add to that the brilliant World Cup, a Royal Wedding and the WW1 centenary, we played host to some fantastic events and re-opened the kitchen to serve food Wednesdays – Saturdays.

Carry on our journey with us, we look forward to seeing you soon.