WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY 5pm – 8:30pm SATURDAY 12pm – 8:30pm

£5 EACH OR 3 FOR £12


roasted golden with tasty mixed herbs and drizzled in delicious garlic aioli


pan fried with garlic and seasoning, poached in cider


cremini mushrooms and cannelloni infused and rolled into balls with Worcester, soy, fresh herbs and garlic and served in a coconut and canola cream sauce with bow tie pasta

V HALLOUMI FRIES breaded and cooked until golden, with sriracha mayo

BEEF SLIDERS two mini beef sliders topped with classic tomato and mature cheese

SALT & PEPPER CHICKEN WINGS fried to a crunchy golden brown and then tossed in a garlic, red chilli, white and black pepper mixture, that makes them flavourful and addictive

LOADED FRIES with spicy cheese sauce, chopped spring onion & crispy bacon

SKAGEN TOAST toasted sourdough, topped with juicy baby prawns & crayfish tails, blended with rich creme fraiche, finely chopped red onion and fresh dill to taste

BARBECUE BEEF NACHOS tortilla chips, dripping in spicy cheese sauce, topped with pulled beef marinated in zesty barbecue sauce with sour cream dressing

VG BREAD & OLIVE OILS wanned bread served with lavishly rich olive oils and balsamic and pesto oil dip

SCOTTISH MUSSELS Scottish mussels in a tomato, chorizo and smoked paprika sauce with breadcrumbs

MEDITERRANEAN VEGAN TART crispy basil pastry case filled with tasty seasoned vegetables and topped with a delicious garlic and bread crumb

GARLIC PARMESAN ROASTED BROCCOLI tender stem broccoli tossed in fresh chilli, garlic and herbs and pan fried topped with grated parmesan shavings

CHICKEN CEASAR SALAD juicy grilled chicken, tossed with fresh little gem salad leaves with garlic herb baked croutons, and mouth watering classic caesar dressing, all topped with parmesan shavings

GARLIC & THYME PORTOBELLO MUCHROOMS sauteed until golden, reduced in a creamy white wine sauce, with parmesan, fresh garlic and thyme, served on toasted sourdough

V – Vegetarian VG – Vegan